Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center- Sioux City, IA

I told yall a couple of posts ago about our new National Park Passports...so we were doing some searching for places we could go around here and I was so excited to find the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center!  http://www.siouxcitylcic.com/ While it is not a National Park, it is on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, so they had a stamp! And yall, it was SOOO great!! The boys absolutely loved it and so did I!!! 

Last summer while at Yankton, we went to a visitor center that had some Lewis and Clark stuff and ever since then McCoy especially has loved Lewis and Clark. So I had gotten out our L&C books a couple weeks ago and he has wanted to read them ALL THE TIME. He is really obsessed with Seaman, the dog that went with them on the expedition, so when we walked in the center and there was a life size moving, barking Seaman, he flipped out!!! There was also a talking Lewis, Clark and Thomas Jefferson..they were so cool and very life like!! 

They also had little booklets for the kids that they could stamp at each section and they could choose whether they wanted to be Lewis, Clark, a hunter, a boatman, an Indian, and several other things...it was very neat and of course the boys loved that too! If you are ever in the Sioux City area, I highly recommend it!! 


These were that talking, moving Lewis and Clark!

getting his stamp!

The moving, talking Jefferson!


Our first stamp! We even got Seaman's paw!! 

Of course I personalized our books!! So fun!! Can't wait to get out next stamp!!


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