10 on 10!!

10 pics from the 10th of the month!

Breakfast! Merritt wanted Cereal and McCoy requested sausages, french toast bites, and an orange!

doing some Easter Painting!

My little artist's work!

The Farmer had to run some errands, so these two went along for the ride!

So while I had the house to myself, I decided to finally clean my room!
It was BAD!!

I literally tried on every item on my closet and did a big purge!

Ahhh! Feels so good to have it clean and organized!

This is the view from my chair in the living room...its hard to see, 
but there are two bald eagles in the tree! so cool!!

Culvers for supper, because when you spend ALL day cleaning your room, 
the last thing you want to do is cook!

And finally, my new County Woman magazine!! LOVE!

The Farmer sent me these pics from when they were out and about!!

Cute baby lambs!! 

Happy March 10th!!! :) 


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