This and That!!

Yall, we have been bitten by the Lego bug!! Merr has been sort of into them for the past year, but in the past few weeks he has totally become addicted!! Good thing he is getting more sets for his b-day and Christmas!! 

I decided to fix all their minifigs too..they had them all switched up, now they are all back to normal, for a little while anyway!

I did a whole chicken on the crockpot for the first time last night....SOO good and pretty easy!!

did lots of sweet making today! Love using my festive spatula!
Almond Bark covered ritz/peanut butter sandwiches just for My Farmer!

This got covered in Almond Bark! yum! (recipe)

Snow Time!

This made a huge mess...

but they loved it!!  :)

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