Moss Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas with The Farmer's family yesterday! Family, food, and fun!!! The boys have been having so much playing with/reading all their presents today!! Thanks to everybody for everything!! Such a great day!!

Reading the Christmas Story!

McCoy got a Blaze racing track, paint sticks, lots of Color Wonder stuff, books, bingo games, sticker book, and cowboy jammies!!

Merritt got a Lego Garbage Truck, classic Lego box, cowboy jammies, bingo gmae, "If you give a.." books,  a sticker book, and some hot wheels (they didn't make it in the picture!)

This year the adults decided to exchange date night/couple gifts! The Farmer's parents got our name and we got this fun smores set!! How cute?!? Can't wait for a little warmer weather so we can try it all out!

McCoy's crazy cookie!

Finally getting to build Legos after church this morning!!

He LOVES this should hear his commentary as he plays!! So funny!


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