My Stocking!!

As always, the Farmer and I are just exchanging stockings...I usually get way too much and it never actually fits in the stockings, but its so fun!!

Elizabeth The Queen book, bath poof, dry shampoo, bottle blender, pj pants, rubber bands, hair bands, chap sticks, t-shirt, eye shadow palette, straight pins, fabric pen, and tassel charm 

adult coloring book, nail files, eye pads, nail polishes, book, bath bombs, face mask, and lotion

bath pillow, Designing Women Season 3, Mary Poppins, Fiestaware loaf pan, socks, lotion, face and masks

Peppermint bark, Reeses trees, Starburst Reds jelly beans, mints, Starbursts Reds, Soft Cany Puffs, and Dark Chocolate bars.

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