This and That!!

Ok! The party stuff is packed away and the kitchen is clean! My suitcase if 3/4 packed, the boy's clothes are all laid out, but not in their suitcases yet! I am getting much closer to being ready and much more excited!! Merritt is soo ready too! Anytime we go anywhere, he thinks we are going to Whoop's House!  

Thought I would just share some phone pics while I was thinking about it!

Got the door painted! Nothing like having a birthday party at your house to make you get things done!!

Mr. Cool reading a book while we waited for McCoy's one year checkup!

Hey, let me see!!

Catching up on my Kansas cowtown history before our big road trip at the end of the month!

Aunt JoJo read him his last book, an Arthur one! With that, he finished his summer reading bingo sheet!!

McCoy just wanted to hug all the stuffed animals at the Library!

Filling in the last square!

Picking out his prizes!!

Pretty excited!! We loved Summer Reading, even though it was more like One Week Reading for us!! :)

Last night, we went to see cousin Asher and Seth play baseball!! So much fun!!

Go Cardinals!!

Asher up to bat!!

Pretending like he was going to go to sleep!!


Enjoying the game!!

Batting again!!

Fun with cousin Macy!! 


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