Soo much to do...

No energy to do anything!! ha! I have a lots to do before we leave for MS! Starting with putting all the party stuff away and cleaning my house!! Blah!! That's the worst part about parties!! Once I tackle that, I have to do 100 loads of laundry and start packing!! Blah again!! I would rather just play with all of McCoy's new toys! Or take a seven hour long nap! ;)

We are obsessed with the GoGo Smart Wheels and Smart Animals from Vtech! They are so much fun! The age range is from 1-5, so they are perfect for my boys! I just wish my boys would play perfectly together...a girl can dream!

This little crazy got in bed with me this morning and decided he needed Quarters for eyes!! And yall wonder why I never get anything done! hehe!! :) 

On another note, we won the photo contest! It's not official yet, but according to the votes, we won!! However, I have no idea what the prize is, I just like to win...competitive much?? :)


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