This past Friday, I took Merritt and August Ann to see the new Disney movie, Inside Out! It was super cute!! On Saturday night, we all (minus Daddy, McCoy, and Merr) went to see Jurassic was SCARY, but good! I really don't like dinos or sci-fi movies for that matter, but for some reason, I have always kinda liked Jurassic Park! Fun too get see it with my fam! :) I have seen more movies in theater this month than I have all year!! haha!!

Inside out with two of my faves! :)


Hi Stuart!

We can't wait to see the new "Beedo" movie when we get back to Iowa!! We are leaving in a week (next Monday) for our big road trip back home! August Ann is coming with us and staying for two weeks!! Yea!! Can't wait! But until then, we have lots going on this last week!! State Horse Bowl, Judging, and the big show!! We are also going to see my brother in New Orleans on Saturday and planning to go to the big Aquarium while there!! Then Sunday, I will be packing, packing, packing!! Stay tuned!! :) 

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