As I mentioned before, we have not been on a vaycay without kids in almost 4 years!! We left the boys with Momma, Daddy, JayJay, and Pauggie and went to Biloxi for two days! They barely even looked up from playing when we left...both reassuring and sad..haha!! We did lots of eating, shopping, and enjoying the quiet!! :)

Our first stop, boiled peanuts!! Be still my heart! :)

yall, they totally made my whole trip!! hehe!

We made it to Gulfport and had lunch at the Shrimp Basket! I got super yummy grilled shrimp...

and The Farmer got fried crawfish! Both were soo good! We were stuffed, so decided to do some outlet shopping to work it off! ha! I found some cute clothes for the boys and picked out their prizes for when we returned home! Merritt got a big stuffed Mike from Monsters U and McCoy got a big stuffed Nemo! Love the Disney outlet!! They adore them of course! Merritt has been dragging Mike around since we gave it to him!! Score!
Gulf Coast!


I was pretty excited!! haha!!

The pool view from our balcony!

The ocean view from our balcony!

balcony pic!

We went to eat at Morton's on the first night! It was AMAZING!! I forgot to take a pic, but we got the best prosciutto wrapped mozzarella was to die for!! 

my chicken dish!!

The Farmer got the lamb!

aww soo sweet!

The next morning we hit the breakfast buffet at our hotel...SOO delish!! The mini country fried steak and gravy were by far my fave!!

we decided to gamble $5 on a big fun ocean themed slot machine, since we were staying at The Golden Nugget (when in Rome! ha!)..that didn't last long! haha!

My Daddy told us they used to have great tours of the big port there, but after searching we discovered they only do them quarterly now, and the next one was on Saturday! Boo! So we just did some touring/stalking on our own!!

Soo cool to see the bananas coming off with the big crane!

After "touring" and some more shopping, we decided to eat at Shaggy's on the beach! So fun!!

We both got the fried shrimp baskets!! 

beach pic!!

looking out at the ocean!

Got ice cream and sweets from the Chocolate Box at he hotel...honestly the hotel was FAB!!!

Ice Cream for the Farmer, and a carrot cake truffle and peanut butter cup for me!! :)

Last night there, hanging out by the pool!! We had such a fabulous time, but I missed my babies!! Couldn't wait to get home to those sweet hugs and kisses :)

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