Pawnee Bill Ranch - Pawnee, OK

This was our first stop on our road trip back to Iowa! It was super fun and Merritt was obsessed with the buffalo! We had a little picnic when we got there, then toured the entire grounds...loved it!!

the tower was very high up, and I was freaking out!!!

I'm obsessed with old wild west show posters (even picked up a few new prints while I was there!) so this big poster that had been painted on the side of a barn was the highlight of my trip!! It had been covered up over the years and was recently discovered when they were demolishing the barn, that had since been turned into a pharmacy! It was in amazing condition!! Wish I could discover something like this on our farm!!!

loving the kids play area! Not sure if I updated yall on this big boy, but he is potty trained!! Soo proud!! :)

so blessed to have these boys in my life!! :)

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