101 Ranch - Marland, OK

There isn't much left to see at the famous 101 Ranch, but if you close your eyes you can just imagine how fabulous it used to be! After the depression it didn't last much longer then got sold off by the government, and to add insult to injury was torn down! Soo sad!! Seeing all the rubble and placards of where things used to stand, just made me wonder why anyone would tear down such a rich piece western history, so my Daddy bought me a huge book about it!! Now if just need to find time to read :)

in addition to the huge ranch, diary, orchard, cider mill, packing plant, tannery, blacksmith, gas station, hotel, cafe and general store, they had a Wild West Show!!

tourist!! :)

they had a bear that was used for the Wild West show, and this was where he hibernated in the winter...Of course Merritt had to act like a bear!!

old silo

they had their own power plant that provided electricity for the whole ranch

this used to be the HUGE house, called the White House! Presidents and all sorts of famous people stayed there!


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