McCoy 4 Months!

Our little man is 4 months old and still sweeter than ever! He did so great on his first trip to Mississippi and was a champ in the car! So glad my boys like to travel! :)

 He still loves to lay under his activity mat the most, but enjoys his bumbo seat and jumparoo a lot more now too!! We put the swing away this morning and I got a little teary eyed...why does it have to go so fast?!?!

His sleeping schedule has stayed the same, but now he has four 7.5 bottles a day...8:00, noon, 4:00, and again at 8:00, then off to bed! :) Not sure when we will start solids, he goes for his 4 month checkup next week, so we will know more then! 

He is wearing 3-6 month, and 6-9 month clothes depending on the brand and is still wearing size 2 diapers....mostly because I have one more small pack to use up, then we will be changing to size 3!

He really loves Merritt, when he isn't being mean to him, and loves to play peepie (peek-a-boo). His favorite is kissing your nose and having you say "you can't get my nose!" he thinks it's too funny!

He is so close to rolling over, but hasn't officially done it yet! 

That's all I can really think of for now, just growing and changing everyday!

Love you so much Coy-boy!!

I think they just keep looking more alike!! CRAZY!!


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