Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just call me Projects Patsy!! :)

I have been in full on project mode this week! Thought I would share a few of them with you! I didn't feel like dragging my big girl camera down to the basement, so forgive the not so fab pic quality :)

I have been searching for vintage cowboy stuff for Merritt's room since before he was born, and have found some cute books, but not much else...until now! 

I really wanted a set of cowboy alphabet flash cards (or something like what you would see hanging up in an old school house) but every antique store I go to seems to think this doesn't exist! The alphabet cards do, but just not with a cowboy theme. Anywho, a while back I spotted this amazing Cowboys and Indians card game on Etsy for 5 bucks! SOLD! They are from the 50's and sooo cute! I had seen a similar frame to this on Pinterest but with circus playing cards, so I got some twine and stapled it to the frame and pinned the cards up. I adore the way it turned out! It's going to look soo cute in his big boy room! :)  Now if I could just get my Momma to give me her vintage flash word cards, that look like the pic below, except they say Bit and Spur on them...
PA1787 Vintage Flash Cards
she found them at an antique shop in Cody, WY almost 10 years ago and she still hasn't given them to me!! Maybe this subtle hint will help! tehehe!!

Now on the the living room pillows!! I scored the two tan ones and the turquoise one at Tuesday Morning for $9.00! I appliqued the bucking horse on the two tan ones, then embroidered the M on the turquoise one, I LOVE how they turned out! The back drop is one of the curtain panels that will hang in the living room, I got them from World Market! I whipped up the chevron pillow this afternoon, it was super easy! I just used this tutorial and an old pillow! Turned out soo cute!

It's hard to capture the true colors, but it all looks so great together! The new couch is just a brown leather, so everything will look great with it! I am going to paint two walls in the living room the same turquoise color and the TV stand I am re-doing will be the turquoise as well! The dining room and kitchen will be done with turquoise, red, and yellow that combo! :)

such an easy way to spruce up on old pillow!

I got this pillow before I moved to Montana, while I was at Canton Trade Days in Texas with my family, LOVE it and glad it will still go with the new living room scheme! :)

don't you love the curtains!!??

Did I just do a photo shoot with my pillows and curtains?!?! Yes, yes I did!! Just wait until we move and I get everything just right! I will go photo crazy! :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This and That!!

Things are just chugging right along in our little world, I have been busy with lots of sewing projects, wish I could show them off, but they are Christmas presents!! ;) 

Merritt is growing and changing everyday, his new favorite thing is Lucky Luke. This is actually an old French cowboy cartoon that was translated to English, they are SUPER hard to find but my Daddy has some of them on VHS that he bought when my nephew (now 14) was into cowboy cartoons/Toy Story. Merritt watched some while we were home in Mississippi, so I searched youtube ( to see if I could find any episodes online...I totally scored and we have been watching them ever since! His favorite is the theme song and he likes to sing along "bang bang Ucky Uke!!" 

He also still loves Toy Story and is always asking about "Buzz." His new thing this week is saying "stuck" he actually yells this when his tractor or wagon gets stuck in between something, then I come help him. This morning he brought me his Mickey Mouse Color/Shapes flash cards and said "stuck, Momma, stuck" when he couldn't get the box opened, it was soo cute!! :)

Well I'll leave you with a few pics!  :) could I resist?!?!  tehehe! The Farmer has since taken him to get a haircut :)

mmmmm homemade bread!! :)

watching Lucky Luke!! Bang Bang!!

he LOVES color time, but mostly just taking the colors in and out of the box!!

I had to snap this sweet shot last night! He loves Bullseye :)

notice his Buzz pjs! :)

The Farmer hooked up the VCR in the basement so now we can watch all my old Disney movies!! This was his spot (for a few minutes anyway, he never stays anywhere very long!) this morning while I was sewing! He loves his wagon and Spirit :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

did I mention...

that all my little babe will put on his feet are boots?!?! Everywhere we go, he has them on! I did actually talk him into wearing his Toms to Church on Sunday and considered it a huge victory!

boogieing in his boots!

He is really into saying/answering "no" to everything these days! It drives me crazy and I am trying as much as possible to get him to stop or at the very least say no ma'm or no thank you!! Tonight while he was in the tub, The Farmer asked him if he was ready to pick up his bath toys, Merritt said no, before he even got the question out of his mouth. I said, uugghhhhh he just says no to everything, and wondered if I had ever heard him say yes!! The Farmer hadn't either. I normally ask him stuff all day (things I know he wants to do) and he always says no! So, I then asked Merritt if he wanted some ice cream, waiting for the fast "no" to come flying out of his mouth... my little stinker jumped up out of that tub as quick as he had moved all day and started to crawl over the side nodding his head yes! Of course I have no ice cream and the Farmer had to grab him and pull him back in the tub...Merritt was so upset that he wasn't getting the ice cream, so I had to go find him a Popsicle to eat while he finished getting his hair washed! I guess he just wanted to prove his Momma wrong!! :)


Thursday, August 15, 2013


I bought this big chalkboard at Hobby Lobby last fall and had planned to use it for his birthday party, but ran out of time and didn't get it the project done! I decided to make a big calendar out of it instead, so it wouldn't go to waste! I taped it off and painted it turquoise (the exact same color that is going on the TV stand and the accent walls!) then went to town with my chalkboard markers! Have you tried these? They are amazing!! 

I have much better decorating skills but I was just kinda rushing through since I needed to get supper started! :)

I am also in the middle of an epic disaster in the form of an old school desk...trying to re-paint it for Merritt's playroom and it is a nightmare! Stay tuned!! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Falling it up!

We have been doing lots of fun fall things around here, even though The Farmer reminds me every day that it's still summer!! BOO!

Merritt and I made this fun fall candy mix! It's basically just whatever you want coated in almond bark and sprinkled with fall-ish sprinkles!! I would have put more candy corn in it, but my little helper preferred to eat them before I mixed them in!!

How cute is this?!?! I can't believe he cooperated for this project! He loved making his hand print!! Such a little artist :)

This is much like the big felt tree I made him for Christmas last year, now he can choose whatever shapes he likes to make his own Jack-o-lantern!

Monday, August 12, 2013

These days...

My baby is turning into a little boy right before my eyes! His new love is candy corn (yes, I already have it out in my pumpkin shaped candy jar) I finally had to hide it after the 157th time he reached for it and said "sip please" he still needs to differentiate between sip and bite!

He also loves to play with his Little People racing ramps garage, and is obsessed with his boots..he wants to wear them at ALL times (those are also now hidden in hopes of keeping them nice for fall!!) He loves to ride the little cars as you leave a store, he was so awesome in Walmart today (we were in there at least an hour and a half and he didn't whine/fuss/cry once!!) that I let him ride two different ones, he was pretty excited about that! He is really getting into blocks and puzzles, he loves to do the stacking trucks puzzles below. He also gets a kick out of putting his shapes on my toes, who has time for a pedicure?!?!
his reward!!


truck puzzles!

shape pedicure!

We got all signed up for Kindermusik this morning too, and are really looking forward to starting in September! We will also be going to Babygarten (story time) this fall at the Library, and will be participating in MOPS again too! The big news for this fall is that we are moving to the Farm! We are SUPER excited and can't wait! I am working on lots of projects for the house, so stay tuned for before and after pics!! What would I do without Pinterest?!?! It's idea overload!!

I ordered the most amazing table and chairs and the matching hutch  from The Farmer's sisters furniture store. Currently, we have a small table that seats four and when we have guests we have to get out the card table...pretty stoked for this beast of a table!! :) Bring on the dinner parties!! We also got a bigger leather sectional, which we are both ready to use! I'm planning on mostly turquoise on some of the walls and red and yellow to accent! Can't wait to decorate :) 

Merritt's big boy room is going to be adorable! I found some cowboy themed Pottery Barn bedding (pics below!!) and I am painting an old dresser, that's in our basement now, a fun red! He will also have his very own playroom, that I have tons of fun ideas for! The best part is that when we live there, we can walk outside and see The Farmer, just in the nick of time because Merritt asks "where's that Daddy" at least 72 times a day!! hahaha!!  Promise I will share pics of everything when it all starts coming together!

We are headed to the Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day weekend, like we have done the past few years, so The Farmer can fit cattle, and we are going back to Mississippi at the beginning of September to watch my nephew play football, watch my niece cheer, and meet my newest nephew! Can't wait! We'll that's all we are up to for always, stay tuned!! :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Zoo fun!

Yesterday, we went to the Great Plains Zoo with the Farmer's Family for his Mom and Dad's anniversary! Merritt had the best time, and his favorite was feeding the goats (check out the youtube video!)!!

my child refuses to cooperate...

then escapes!



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