These days...

My baby is turning into a little boy right before my eyes! His new love is candy corn (yes, I already have it out in my pumpkin shaped candy jar) I finally had to hide it after the 157th time he reached for it and said "sip please" he still needs to differentiate between sip and bite!

He also loves to play with his Little People racing ramps garage, and is obsessed with his boots..he wants to wear them at ALL times (those are also now hidden in hopes of keeping them nice for fall!!) He loves to ride the little cars as you leave a store, he was so awesome in Walmart today (we were in there at least an hour and a half and he didn't whine/fuss/cry once!!) that I let him ride two different ones, he was pretty excited about that! He is really getting into blocks and puzzles, he loves to do the stacking trucks puzzles below. He also gets a kick out of putting his shapes on my toes, who has time for a pedicure?!?!
his reward!!


truck puzzles!

shape pedicure!

We got all signed up for Kindermusik this morning too, and are really looking forward to starting in September! We will also be going to Babygarten (story time) this fall at the Library, and will be participating in MOPS again too! The big news for this fall is that we are moving to the Farm! We are SUPER excited and can't wait! I am working on lots of projects for the house, so stay tuned for before and after pics!! What would I do without Pinterest?!?! It's idea overload!!

I ordered the most amazing table and chairs and the matching hutch  from The Farmer's sisters furniture store. Currently, we have a small table that seats four and when we have guests we have to get out the card table...pretty stoked for this beast of a table!! :) Bring on the dinner parties!! We also got a bigger leather sectional, which we are both ready to use! I'm planning on mostly turquoise on some of the walls and red and yellow to accent! Can't wait to decorate :) 

Merritt's big boy room is going to be adorable! I found some cowboy themed Pottery Barn bedding (pics below!!) and I am painting an old dresser, that's in our basement now, a fun red! He will also have his very own playroom, that I have tons of fun ideas for! The best part is that when we live there, we can walk outside and see The Farmer, just in the nick of time because Merritt asks "where's that Daddy" at least 72 times a day!! hahaha!!  Promise I will share pics of everything when it all starts coming together!

We are headed to the Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day weekend, like we have done the past few years, so The Farmer can fit cattle, and we are going back to Mississippi at the beginning of September to watch my nephew play football, watch my niece cheer, and meet my newest nephew! Can't wait! We'll that's all we are up to for always, stay tuned!! :)

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