Just call me Projects Patsy!! :)

I have been in full on project mode this week! Thought I would share a few of them with you! I didn't feel like dragging my big girl camera down to the basement, so forgive the not so fab pic quality :)

I have been searching for vintage cowboy stuff for Merritt's room since before he was born, and have found some cute books, but not much else...until now! 

I really wanted a set of cowboy alphabet flash cards (or something like what you would see hanging up in an old school house) but every antique store I go to seems to think this doesn't exist! The alphabet cards do, but just not with a cowboy theme. Anywho, a while back I spotted this amazing Cowboys and Indians card game on Etsy for 5 bucks! SOLD! They are from the 50's and sooo cute! I had seen a similar frame to this on Pinterest but with circus playing cards, so I got some twine and stapled it to the frame and pinned the cards up. I adore the way it turned out! It's going to look soo cute in his big boy room! :)  Now if I could just get my Momma to give me her vintage flash word cards, that look like the pic below, except they say Bit and Spur on them...
PA1787 Vintage Flash Cards
she found them at an antique shop in Cody, WY almost 10 years ago and she still hasn't given them to me!! Maybe this subtle hint will help! tehehe!!

Now on the the living room pillows!! I scored the two tan ones and the turquoise one at Tuesday Morning for $9.00! I appliqued the bucking horse on the two tan ones, then embroidered the M on the turquoise one, I LOVE how they turned out! The back drop is one of the curtain panels that will hang in the living room, I got them from World Market! I whipped up the chevron pillow this afternoon, it was super easy! I just used this tutorial http://thegirlinspired.com/2013/05/how-to-make-a-pillow-simple-sewing/ and an old pillow! Turned out soo cute!

It's hard to capture the true colors, but it all looks so great together! The new couch is just a brown leather, so everything will look great with it! I am going to paint two walls in the living room the same turquoise color and the TV stand I am re-doing will be the turquoise as well! The dining room and kitchen will be done with turquoise, red, and yellow too..love that combo! :)

such an easy way to spruce up on old pillow!

I got this pillow before I moved to Montana, while I was at Canton Trade Days in Texas with my family, LOVE it and glad it will still go with the new living room scheme! :)

don't you love the curtains!!??

Did I just do a photo shoot with my pillows and curtains?!?! Yes, yes I did!! Just wait until we move and I get everything just right! I will go photo crazy! :)

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