This and That!!

Things are just chugging right along in our little world, I have been busy with lots of sewing projects, wish I could show them off, but they are Christmas presents!! ;) 

Merritt is growing and changing everyday, his new favorite thing is Lucky Luke. This is actually an old French cowboy cartoon that was translated to English, they are SUPER hard to find but my Daddy has some of them on VHS that he bought when my nephew (now 14) was into cowboy cartoons/Toy Story. Merritt watched some while we were home in Mississippi, so I searched youtube ( to see if I could find any episodes online...I totally scored and we have been watching them ever since! His favorite is the theme song and he likes to sing along "bang bang Ucky Uke!!" 

He also still loves Toy Story and is always asking about "Buzz." His new thing this week is saying "stuck" he actually yells this when his tractor or wagon gets stuck in between something, then I come help him. This morning he brought me his Mickey Mouse Color/Shapes flash cards and said "stuck, Momma, stuck" when he couldn't get the box opened, it was soo cute!! :)

Well I'll leave you with a few pics!  :) could I resist?!?!  tehehe! The Farmer has since taken him to get a haircut :)

mmmmm homemade bread!! :)

watching Lucky Luke!! Bang Bang!!

he LOVES color time, but mostly just taking the colors in and out of the box!!

I had to snap this sweet shot last night! He loves Bullseye :)

notice his Buzz pjs! :)

The Farmer hooked up the VCR in the basement so now we can watch all my old Disney movies!! This was his spot (for a few minutes anyway, he never stays anywhere very long!) this morning while I was sewing! He loves his wagon and Spirit :)

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