did I mention...

that all my little babe will put on his feet are boots?!?! Everywhere we go, he has them on! I did actually talk him into wearing his Toms to Church on Sunday and considered it a huge victory!

boogieing in his boots!

He is really into saying/answering "no" to everything these days! It drives me crazy and I am trying as much as possible to get him to stop or at the very least say no ma'm or no thank you!! Tonight while he was in the tub, The Farmer asked him if he was ready to pick up his bath toys, Merritt said no, before he even got the question out of his mouth. I said, uugghhhhh he just says no to everything, and wondered if I had ever heard him say yes!! The Farmer hadn't either. I normally ask him stuff all day (things I know he wants to do) and he always says no! So, I then asked Merritt if he wanted some ice cream, waiting for the fast "no" to come flying out of his mouth... my little stinker jumped up out of that tub as quick as he had moved all day and started to crawl over the side nodding his head yes! Of course I have no ice cream and the Farmer had to grab him and pull him back in the tub...Merritt was so upset that he wasn't getting the ice cream, so I had to go find him a Popsicle to eat while he finished getting his hair washed! I guess he just wanted to prove his Momma wrong!! :)


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