Merritt's Farm 1st Birthday!

We had his 1st Birthday here in Iowa tonight! It was so fun, thanks to everybody :) Enjoy the details!
I could only find a big pack of these, so I put them in little baggies and made labels.

the goodies in the favor box


Farm Cake!! by: Piece of Cake LeMars, IA...SOOO yummy :)

Merritt's smash cake!

Cake Table 

High Chair

Game corner


Asher, Seth, and Jorgia helping open gifts!

Merritt and Nash!

smash cake!

Charlie and the Birthday Boy!

Colton and Jorgie!

The Loot!! ...good thing his birthday and Christmas only come once a year, he is taking over the house!! :) At this point I'm pretty positive we have every Melissa and Doug farm puzzle ever made and I love them all..don't you just love Melissa and Doug?? Such cute stuff!! The blue book in front is an alphabet book the Farmer's Momma made, its got all our family pictures in it, soo fun! The barn in the back, with all the animals and trucks is from Ikea..and you can pack everything in the barn and carry it around! The board with his name on it is actually a puzzle, I wish I could hang it on the wall!! Such fun toys and books, can't wait to play with/read everything tomorrow!!   :)

Here are the links to the stuff the Farmer and I got him!

 Ikea farm stuff:

Farm Shape Sorter:

Farm Colors:

Little People Tractor:

Snow Fun!!

Today was SOO nice, we decided to play outside for a little bit after lunch! This was the first time he has gotten to play in the snow, even though most of ours has melted. This Southern girl loves to see grass in her back yard in January!! Not to worry, I'm sure there is more to come...we still have to build a snowman so I can mark it off our Winter Bucket List!  :) Of course he screamed like his life was over when we went back inside...nothing a little Wubby (pacifier) wont fix...when does he have to give that up again?? 5 years? 6? HAHAHA!! We love our Wubby! :)

 Enjoy the pics and video!