Merritt Wylie - 12 months!!

The ideal 12 month old...

The reality of a 12 month old!!
The last pic sums our one year old up pretty well! Naughty and into everything! But we wouldn't have it any other way!!

He is changing so much every day. He is now all done with bottles (Praise the Lord!! No more bottle washing!!) he has a milk sippy with muffins (our some sort of easy breakfast food) for breakfast, whatever we are eating for lunch, afternoon snack of juice and cereal, and he usually just eats whatever we have for supper with a milk sippy.

He is walking and trying to run everywhere, including away form us!! He can get up all own his own now (with out the help of a table or chair) not sure how long he has been doing that because I never really noticed!!

I'm guessing he somewhere around 25 lbs, we go for his one year checkup on the 30th. He is still wearing 12-18 month Gymboree clothes and 18 month in Carters and still in size 4 diapers.

His interests include sitting in his big boy chair, trying to ride/rock on all the toys he got for Christmas/Birthday, DANCING (this child will even dance when my phone rings!), Little People (he has a ton to choose from now..if only I can calm down enough to let him mix the school children up with the car wash guys..{shudder!!}), sliding, climbing, throwing, hiding anything, and bulldozing through everything!

He sometimes still takes a morning nap (with Wubby!) but always has rest time with a movie if he doesn't nap. His current faves are Spirit (he just points at the screen the whole time and says "hooorsssseee"), Home on The Range, and the Cat and The Hat Knows alot about Christmas. He usually takes around a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

He is saying more and (points to the million horses all over the house), bye bye, uh-oh, moo, dada, and when he feels like it, mama! He still signs for more, all done and has added horse!

He can pick out the cow in a pile of Little People animals but only the black and white one, at some point we will have to teach him that they come in all shapes and sizes!!

Your first year was soo much fun and we cant wait for many more to come!! Momma and Daddy Love you to the moon and back!! :)


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