House Preview!! :)

It is by no means done yet, but I just couldn't wait to share a few pictures! :)

living room! My tree is sad, but I don't have the patience to make it pretty right now!

the new couch! I need to get all my pictures/artwork hung up!

the new table! the barn wood still has to be put up on the wall.

new hutch!!


love how my canisters look!

the curtains are laying on this chair..maybe they will get put up tonight :)

view from the entry

the playroom! Hoping to get this disaster organized before we leave for Christmas!! :)

Merritt's new big boy bed!

love how the colors/bedding turned out!

Our room and the nursery are still a mess, so no pics of those yet! I also have to get the new TV stand for the living room finished (the one it's on now is for a corner, so it looks awful, but it will have to do for now!) and get Merritt a dresser! When I get back from Mississippi (we are leaving on Wednesday after Merritt opens his presents!) I will do some more decorating and organizing, then give yall another picture update!!!

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