Bedrooms are painted!

We went and checked out the paint in the bedrooms tonight and I am soo excited! I am in absolute LOVE with Merritt's room! He is in absolute LOVE with his closet! ha!

dont you just love the blues?!?!

This is our bedroom! Love the yellow! 

closets in our bedroom

This is the nursery, it is a different yellow, but you really can't tell!! haha!! oops! :)

nursery closets

the brown/tan shown here will be the neutral that will go in the hallway, and parts of the living room and dining room

the nook is coming along! :)

this is the pantry/storage wil have a pocket door.

here it is again...ready to get all the shelving in here! :)

They will start paint in the kitchen excited to see the turquoise!


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