Church Candlelight Service!

Last night was our church's annual candlelight service for Christmas...It has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions! We sing O Come All Ye Faithful and a few other classics, have a short message, the Christmas Story verses are read, then the lights are turned down and we light candles and sing Silent Night, it is beautiful and is a great reminder of the reason for the season! Of course Merritt thought it was so fun to try and blow out The Farmer's candle..tehehe! :)
oh and I got all my hair cut off!! I kept getting headaches when I had it in a ponytail so it was time for it to go! 

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve Eve, Merritt is napping and I'm off to tackle the Christmas presents before he wakes up! No, I don't have a thing wrapped! I have been a tad busy..haha! :)

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