Shark Attack!!

We have a new favorite animal....sharks! I dont even know how this happened, the child is literally surrounded by farm animals!! I can't help but wonder is his Aunt JayJay had something to do with this...she is and has always been shark/fish/all things marine-crazy!! I guess it started with Shark Tale (been his fave movie for awhile now) then I got him some summer/ocean books and they all have sharks in them and he just started saying "shaaaa" and pointing to them whenever he saw them, now he runs around talking about "shaaas" all day! Check out the video on youtube, soo cute! So, how could I resist getting him these adorable shark slippers?!?! He ADORES them and any time they fall off he brings them right to me and picks his foot up! 

We are headed home to Mississippi in June and going to the beach for a week...I hope we do not see a shark in the ocean, but there are a ton in all gift shops/restaurants, so I can't wait to go...he will be in shark heaven!! Also, hoping to get down to New Orleans to visit cousin Rex and go to the Aquarium of the Americas...this baby will FREAK OUT when he sees all the fish and sharks!! I will entertain this obsession for a bit, as long as farm animals win out as favorite in the end, hahaha!!


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