Playroom Update!

Merritt and I share this room, we call it my office, but lets be's his playroom!! ha! The other day I went rummaging with my friend, Tracey, and found that super fun train table (below)! I put his Little People train on it and some other Little People stuff...he loves it being at his height and now he can get to his table and chairs easier. I also scored a huge bag of Duplos, and after separating them all, found that it had 7 complete sets: My First Zoo, Polar Zoo, My First Supermarket, Pet Shop, Tiger Set, Pig Farmer Set, a Dora The Explorer Set, and a big green building plate...all for just 30 bucks and they look like they have never been played with!! Now I have big plans to make him a lego table..stay tuned!! :)


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