Derby Day!

I love to watch the Kentucky Derby and was excited for Merritt to watch it with us this year! I threw together a little party/early supper and we watched Orb win! That was actually Merritt's pick! I was rooting for Goldencents and the Farmer liked Revolutionary...we decided Merritt should bet on Orb since he had good odds :) Lucky baby!

the spread!

Merritt just wanted to pick up the cheese/pineapple sticks, lick them, then put them back on the plate...ughh!

Kentucky Derby Pie!! Soo yummy.. don't you love my horse pewter?!?! The tray that the sandwiches are on matches this one. One of my besties, Britt, gave them to me when I still lived in Montana, so pretty :)

My livestock judging team and I got to go visit Churchill Downs when we were judging at the North American in Louisville, it's always fun to watch the derby and remember those good times!! :)
my family...we spent every waking moment together for over a year!

 My teammate, Julie, a Pony Boy (who let us in the paddock area), and me! Julie actually taught me how to make the Derby Pie above!  Oh the memories :)


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