Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day!

Today, we went to a birthday party for Merritt's little buddy, Nash! The Farmer worked with Nash's daddy in college and they moved closer to us a couple of years ago, it's fun to have babies around the same age. He had a Mickey Mouse party, so of course Merritt had the best time! :) 

On the way home, The Farmer said we had to stop and get my Mothers Day gift and took me to the jewelry store! I got to pick out a new charm for my Pandora bracelet! I really wanted a pink one since I love pink and I think it's synonymous with Mothers Day :) There were two pink ones that I liked, but couldn't decide, I held them both up and let Merritt choose....he did a great job!! 
This is purely so I can look back/don't forget when I got the charms and why...feel free to skip over :) 
L to R: 
The Snowman: he got me this one in 09 while we were in Minneapolis at the Mall of America, I picked it out in honor of our first winter as a married couple! 
The Four Leaf Clover: He got me this one for my Birthday a couple years ago (I wanted it since I'm a 4-H leader!) 
Polka dot green Murano glass charm: got it in Minneapolis too, "just because!" 
The Pony : I got this one and the Green zig zag Murano glass charm: (further on the right) when the jewelry store, where he normally gets the charms, was having some sort of a deal, so I picked these two out!!  
The Camera: He got me this one for my Birthday last year.  
The Cow: for Valentines 2011.  
Spacer: spacer :)  
The Pig charm, the Pink and Green polka dot Murano glass charm, and the Wedding Cake charm: He got me these and the bracelet as my wedding present!! I was SOOO surprised!! I kinda thought he was going to get me the bracelet and the pig charm, since I had been telling him all along that I wanted a (real!) baby pig for my wedding gift (ha!), but I had no idea he was going to get me the other two! Thanks to the Jewelry store ladies who talked him into it!! hahaha! 
The Pineapple: He got me this one while we were in the Bahamas on our Honeymoon! 
The Cupcake: He got me this one in honor of our 1 year anniversary, since we ate our (old/gross) wedding cupcakes to celebrate! 
Green zig zag Murano glass charm: see above.  
Spacer: spacer :) 
Baby Carriage: He got me this after we went to our 12 week appointment and saw Merritt bouncing around! 
Blue and Green polka dot Murano glass charm: I got this one for my birthday, I picked it out because I knew Merritt was going to be a boy and I wanted a blue charm for him :) 
Blue Topaz charm: This one was my "push present" he brought it to me in the hospital, it's Merritt's birthstone :) 
Christmas Stocking charm: He gave this to me for Christmas in honor of Merritt's First Christmas. 
Pink Stripe Murano glass charm: Mother's Day 13!!

 Pretty in pink!!

Somebody else loves my bracelet too :)


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