Weekend O' Fun!

We had tons of fun last weekend...

On Saturday, we headed out to meet our friends at Monkey Bizness!! This place was so perfect! It was like a big play land, but the actual area was not that large, so us Mommas could sit and chat and not worry to much about the kiddos! Loved it!!

Next, we headed to Red Robin for lunch!

Did a little shopping after that!

Checked out the closing Toys R Us store!

Then ended the day with Frost Freezie Freezes!!

Ready for church!

Culvers after church!

Picking out our veggies for the garden!

This little statue looks just like my boys! hehe!

Checking out the chicks!

Relaxing with my fave magazine!!

Finished up our fun weekend with a picnic and a fire!! So fun!


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