Pipestone National Monument!

We spent Mother's Day at Pipestone National Monument and had the best time!!

We headed to Pipestone after church, I was going to pack a picnic lunch but decided it would be more of a treat if we just got McDonalds! hehe!! There was a big picnic area right as you got there, so that was our first stop!

Next we hit the Visitor Center and checked out the little museum and 
got to see them actually carving the pipestone! So neat!!

On to Junior Rangers!! 
They finished their booklets in record time, said their oath, and were presented badges!

Now it was time to hit the trail!
There is one main trail through the Monument (Circle Trail-about one mile) 
it begins and ends at the Visitor Center!

We were getting the boys caps before we left and I jokingly said should Momma wear one too?? 
They didn't believe that I had one, so I quick dug one out of my closet and away we went!

 The whole trail was beautiful but this waterfall was just breathtaking!! 

lots of steps and caves to explore!

McCoy can sometimes be a little dramatic and not want to walk and gets tired very easily, 
but he did great! It was the perfect distance for my little guys.. and me! Ha!

We went back in to watch them carve some more, this was Merritt's favorite part!
I let them pick a key chain, made from pipestone that had been carved there, 
to hang on their Travel Tree! They chose a beautiful cross!

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of this one, it was an eagle head with bear paws!

Got our stamp! That makes two! Hoping to grab another one later this week!
Stay tuned!


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