Park Ranger Party!

Our little nature lover thought a Park Ranger themed party would be perfect, of course there wasn't must "Pinspiration," so I sort of went with a vintage camping, adding a few National Park/Park Ranger elements!! 

Goody Bags!

The goodies! Park Ranger essentials, of course!

Made this banner with the Cricut!

Found these fun things at a local antique store!

These treasures came from my Momma!

Had to have the Park Ranger hat on display!

His main request, Big Foot on the cake! Can you spot him!?!?

All the other decor came from McCoy's room and some new stuff my Momma sent for his room!

plates and napkins from Birthday Direct

My Daddy had some of these wood slices cut for me this fall!

Love using my Fiestaware!

Found this fun enamel pot in our attic!

Blanker scarf tied around the crockpots!

Fixings for the Walking Tacos!

Coy's favorite Blue Hawaiian Punch to drink!

Also had Potato Ole's, Fruit, Corn, and some Mexican Beans!

My sweet (almost!) four year old!

With Grandma Meer!!

With Grandma and Grandpa!

With all the cousins!

Camping Splat the Cat!! Perfect for our little book worm!

We already played this one, so have to match the animal with it's tracks!

His Sunday School Teachers are the sweetest! 
They made his this little ranch with a sheep riding and everything! 

They know him too well!! hehe!!

Lewis and Clark slides for his ViewMaster! Ebay to the rescue!! hehe!

This is a stuffed animal Seaman (Lewis' Dog) he was so exicted and 
has carried him around everywhere and slept with him every night since he got it! 
So sweet!

Can you tell he was excited? Grandma and Grandpa got Merritt one for his birthday 
and they have been sharing it, finally one of his own, and its BLUE!!! :)

He has been asking for Imaginext Knights for awhile (they are obsessed with our Pirate ones) 
so since they no longer make them, I had to scour Ebay for months trying to find the best deals! 
Wound up with a box full of fun...

and a Castle!! The have been playing with all of it non-stop and we have had 
numerous pirates versus knights battles!! I was worried he might think it was weird 
that it was already "opened" but later that night, he told me thank you for opening it 
all up for him, so he could play with it right away!! hehe! Your welcome buddy!!

Merritt thought it was his lucky day too! They really play so well together with Imaginext toys! 

Birthday Haul!

I got him this book too, we saw it at the Library at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center 
and he freaked out, so I knew I had to find it for him!

I'm sure there were more knight figures/horses, but they were all over the living room at this point!

What a great afternoon celebrating our big boy!! Thanks everybody for everything!! :) 


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