This Week!!

Yall I am TIRED and our summer has just barely started!!! I have planned and signed the boys up for so many things, that I forgot to pencil in some down time!!! Here's a few pics of what kept us busy this week...

Cars 3! Soo cute!

Merritt had two days of Nature Camp and absolutely loved it!!

More working with Jakey!!

I love these boys!

While we were waiting to pick up Merritt from camp, I checked out a huge fabric store nearby. They had a play area for kids and I almost jumped for joy!! 

Then we stopped by a park and had some fun!

He even talked me into going down the slide! Mom of the year! ha!

Nature Camp fun!

How cute are their name tags they made??!! Love it! 

We are all exhausted this morning from a rodeo last night (more about that later!) and today we have to wash and clip Jake, along with packing for the horse show and an overnight stay in Omaha where we will pick up my niece!!! Can't wait, but also tired just thinking about it!! Here's to summer!! :) 


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