Irene, SD Rodeo!!

Last night we went to the Irene, SD Rodeo and had so much fun! we had been wanting to go for a few years, but we are usually in Mississippi. They have Mutton Bustin, but it is luck of the draw (they let 50 kids sign up and only pick 15 of them) so we weren't sure if Merr was going ride or not. When we got there a lady came and found us and asked both boys if they wanted to be in a skit with the rodeo clown, McCoy right away said he wanted to, but Merritt had just woken up (in a bad mood) and was not I took McCoy to rehearse!! He was so excited and fell in love with Goobie the Rodeo Clown! 

Got out of the bad mood thankfully!! :)

Thye called out the 15 Mutton Busters right before McCoy was to perform, and luckily Merritt got chosen! So Craig took McCoy over to the clowns tent and I took Merritt to line up for Mutton Bustin!

game face!

Merritt did so good and got another trophy to add to his collection! 

They had a candy toss and Goobie gave the boys hat fulls of candy!

McCoy and Goobie!! He was over the moon excited!! :)

Musical chairs skit!!

We had such a fabulous time, but of course are all exhausted today!! Hopefully we can get the little monsters in bed early tonight to get some much needed rest for the crazy days ahead!!


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