Merritt Wylie-5 years old!

This little buckaroo is five years old!!

Our Merritt is really such a sweet boy, he loves life, and always find the fun in everything!!

He is still our little cowboy! He showed his pony all summer and can't wait to do it again this summer! He loves Mutton Bustin too and will be giving it another go at the Black Hills Stock Show again this year!! 

He still loves trains, but his new obsession with Legos has really taken over!! He wants them ALL, surely you aren't surprised!! haha! He does pretty well at building sets, but still needs some help from us! He really likes to "free build" and makes all sorts of crazy things!

All things farming and tractors is still very high on his list of loves! He loves helping The Farmer. His favorite is feeding the in the morning and working cattle! He loves his farm in the playroom too, always acting out everything he does with The Farmer outside! 

He is also into Rescuebots (more the action figures than the actual show), Blaze and The Monster Machines, Dress Up (his current fave is being a Bigfoot Hunter), infact he is really into anything Bigfoot! And although he hardly ever watches the movie, he is always playing with his Disney Planes Fire and Rescue toys! 

He also thinks its fun to pretend to create potions and do magic, not sure where this came from?!?

Mail, letters, and stamps are also something he does alot! He likes to "write" letters to everybody, put them envelopes and "mail" them!

He still likes to help me cook and bake, although we don't get to do it as much anymore since he is in school and McCoy insists on helping too, which usually turns into a complete disaster!

Dancing and singing are among his faves as well! He is always up for a dance party!!

He really enjoys Preschool and riding the bus! He loves that it comes to our house in the mornings (and so do I!) He hardly ever tells us what is going on at school but we know his favorite is playing outside! ha!

He still loves Sunday School, they have so much fun and do so many activities!

I do not have his official stats yet, but will update after his five year check up next week! Edited to add: He weighs 44 pounds and is 3'7"

He wears size 4 and 5 in clothes (although most of his size 4 are getting smaller!) 

He doesn't nap anymore but most days has rest time while McCoy is asleep!

His friends are Jack, Tatum, Albert, Reagan, Teagan, and Vanessa!

His favorite books are Dragons Love Tacos, Crankenstein, and The Day The Crayons Left/The Day The Crayons Came Home!

His favorite shows are Odd Squad, Team Umi Zoomi, Blaze and The Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies, Rescuebots, Americas Funniest Home Videos, Paw Patrol, Thomas, Dino Trux, Wonder Pets, Wild Krats, Fireman Sam...he likes a lot of shows! Ha!

 His favorite movies are The Lego Movie, Pinochio, Secret Life of Pets, Wall-e, and Minions!

He still loves painting, drawing, playing with play-doh, and crafting and I still have tons of fun doing this with him! His favorite color is still red!

He also LOVES to play games! His faves are Memory, Uno Moo, Go Fish, Lone Ranger Game, Fishing Game, and Hungry Hungry Herd!

He is terrified of octopuses, the only reason I can think of, is the not-so-nice octopus in the Penguins movie, but he hasn't seen that in almost a year...even though he keeps promising me he is "brave enough to watch it now"....ummm no way buddy!! Other that he doesn't have much fear! Unless he doesn't want to do something (ie clean his room, pick up toys, eat a new food) he claims he is too scared to do it!! haha!!

He is trying hard to play nice with his little brother but most of the time they end up in a fight...I guess it's just what brothers do, but hopefully it gets better!! He really does love him and misses him while he is away at school, but there is just something about your little brother completely wrecking your newly constructed Lego set that will send you flying off the handle!! hehe!

His favorite foods are still pizza, hot dogs, corn dogs, ketchup, nuggets, cheese, muffins, any fruit, any bread, and vanilla ice cream! Added to the list this year is Lunchables, cheese curds, and waffles! He still only drinks milk and ice water, unless we are out and about then it's "mommy pop" or sweet tea!! He is also obsessed with Icees which he calls "Frosty Freezie Freeze" His favorite candy is bubble gum, suckers, fruit flavored tootsie rolls, and M&Ms!

He can count to 100 (without much prompting), he can write Merritt, Wylie, and Moss as well as write McCoy and Mommy! He can recognize most of the alphabet  and can recognize up to number 20 (maybe more?) He is just soaking it all up and remembers everything! Steel trap!!

Merritt Wylie, we love you so very much! Not a day goes by that you don't make us smile and laugh! We are so very blessed to call you ours and can't wait to watch you grow another year!!


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