10 on 10!

Ten pics from the 10th of the month!
They changed the bus route for the rest of year and now it comes at 7:40 (before it would have come at 6:50, so I just took him to the bus stop at 7:50, that way he wouldn't have to ride the bus for an hour) we are all loving this new schedule!! 
Legos on the floor..

Legos on the TV...

Legos on the dining room table! They are taking over, but I kinda love it!!

Signs of Valentines!!

My Aunt gave the boys chaps that were her boys when they were little. Merritt is obsessed!! McCoy loves them too, but i didn't get a pic of him in his today!
Fajitas for supper!

I got these cheesecake m&m's for the Farmer! He didn't love them! Ha!

Game night! Hungry hungry herd!!

My brother gave the boys this Makin' Groceries card game, it's like a Cajun version of go-fish! So fun!!

Happy 10th!! 

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