Sunshine and Shamrocks!

Yall, I just can't tell you how much I appreciate the sunshine today!! It has been a rough couple of days over here! I had a migraine of epic proportions on Wednesday afternoon...I can't remember having one like that in at least a year, and I hope it's longer than that until I have one again! I feel so badly for people that have to deal with them on a regular basis..I can not even imagine!

Yesterday, I pretty much felt like I had been run over by a truck..accompanied by this cough/cold that I have now been dealing with for 5 weeks!! OVER IT!! I believe I did get rid of the original cough with the antibiotic and inhaler, but then I came down with another cold the day we left for the Black Hills, and the cough from it is still keeping me up at, as I said, this sunshine is MUCH welcomed!!!

The boys are all healthy (and happy..and rowdy!) now, so that is one thing to be very grateful for!!

Ok enough sick talk...lets get to the decor!! I took down all of the hearts and replaced them with sparkling, green shamrocks!! We are ready for MARCH!! I will keep this up a few weeks, then it will be time for Easter, I was going to go straight to my eggs and bunnies, but the St. Patrick's stuff was just too cute to skip! :)

Hope yall have a fabulous (sunny!) Friday! :)


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