Baking Cabinet, Revisited!

I have been meaning to get my baking cabinet organized since we moved in, two years ago! I just couldn't decide how to do it, so instead, I shoved everything in and forgot about it... until I went to bake and everything fell out on top of me!!

I had gotten some cute teal organizers in hopes they would work for this project! It's not perfect, but it is sooo much better than it was!!

The pictures below are of my baking cabinet at our old house in town, I loved it because it really showed off my big glass jars....but the cabinet at the new house is more narrow and long, so it just didn't work! (blog post here)

This is the new baking cabinet, that also houses my canned goods. I forgot to take a before pic, but just know it was bad..hehe!! :)

 The top portion holds specialty cake pans and decorating tools on the first shelf. 

The middle shelf is for cake mixes/icing, oatmeal, extra peanut butter (that I keep just for baking), and all of my cookie cutters (they were in three of those big glass jars, which I loved, but it was just taking up too much space. Now they all fit in one big teal bucket/bin). I re-purposed the glass jars in my laundry area to hold Tide pods and dryer sheets! Very cute!

The bottom shelf holds my most used, baking chips/candies (I had soo many baking chips, because I never knew what I had on hand, good thing they have a long shelf life!), along with marshmallows, brown/powdered sugars, and all my sprinkles in the two red stackable bins!

 This is the bottom half of the cabinet. Canned goods are on the top two shelves, and the rest of my baking stuff is on the last shelf.

The front bin is full of icing and candy melts, the middle bin has all my cake decorating supplies and food coloring, the back bin keeps all my cupcake liners in one spot! 

Hoping this will stay organized, and I wont be pelted by flying baking supplies when I open this cabinet from now on!! :)


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