Zoo Boo!

We went to ZooBoo again this year and our little horse had the BEST time!! I was pretty nervous because the last time I actually got his costume on an epic meltdown ensued, but he did so good tonight! With a little distraction from light up pumpkins, he didn't even mind having it on! YEA {whew}! 

The line was outrageously long when we got there, so we ran to Target and came back, still ridiculous, went to eat at Pita Pit (yummo), then gave it another go....it was still long but not as bad, so we got in line! It didn't take long at all and they had characters come to visit in line, so that helped! So glad we waited, it was soo much fun :) AND he got loads of candy, some stickers, slap bracelets, and a toothbrush :)


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