His New Obsession..

The combine...he is CRAZY OBSESSED!!!  It's all he talks about...constantly!! Oh and I'm talking about Merritt, not The Farmer! ha! He got to ride a few times with the Farmer while harvesting soy beans, and now he gets his little toy combine and tractor/wagon out and drives the combine around a bit, then pulls it up to the wagon, pulls the auger out and says "bye bye beans, all done" and starts driving the combine around again....it is precious! So crazy how he figured it out so quickly! He wakes up in the morning saying, combine? Daddy? Wheres combine? When we walked into church yesterday he asked, Wheres combine? not sure why he thought he would get to ride the combine in church!??!?! No clue what we will do when harvest is over?!!? :)


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