Trick or Treat!!

I wanted him to open his Halloween Happy on the 1st, but he has had an awful cold so we waited, and this morning he felt a little better! 

He immediately went for the Slinky!! It is a Halloween one, how cool?!?!

more Fall/Halloween books, slinky, playdoh, sucker, light up pumpkin, Halloween DVD

he was obsessed with this light up necklace!

who is this grown child and where is my baby?!?!

Slinky fun!!

now this is what I have been waiting for!! I bought it before he was born, don't judge! ha! Last year he got the Trick or Treat Surprise Little People house and he really likes it (it's on the end of the table) but I knew he would LOVE this one, and I was right!!! It's a farm...a Halloween farm!!

all the farm animals have Halloween masks on!

it makes noises when you press certain things, so fun! On a another note, have you seen the re-design of Little People?? It is TRAGIC!!! I am soo glad I got all the ones I want already because I will never buy the new ones, EEWWW!!!

Happy October!! :)


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  1. Oh my goodness, the little people redesign is tragic...and so unnecessary. My boys got the Halloween farm this year too. They love it.