Easter Bunny!

On Saturday I met up with Lacey (we were friends/co-workers when I lived in Montana and now she is married to one of the Farmer's college friends and they live in South Dakota..oh and I set them up..hehe) and her sweet babe, Paisley (who was born a week after Merritt), at the mall so we could take the kiddos to see the Easter Bunny..and shop a little of course :)

I made his outfit...soo cute, except I don't think bright yellow is his color :)

Merritt's first visit with the Easter Bunny! He looks real impressed!

Paisley and Merritt on their second date..soo cute :)

I had the first of probably a couple of Easter photoshoots with him tonight! Can't wait to show yall the shot I got, nothing short of adorable :)


Reading Roundup!

Soo you may have noticed the various books I have been giving the babe in his holiday gift baskets (Christmas, Valentines and St. Pats)....well, they will now have a home! I used my Cricut to cut out "Reading Roundup" vinyl letters and put them on this cute box. Now every season/holiday that comes around his corresponding books will go in his Reading Roundup box! So in the Spring his Easter and St. Pats books will go in the box, in the Fall his Halloween/Thanksgiving books will go in, and so on and so on! My Momma does this with her holiday books and it's always fun to see them again year after year! Hopefully Merritt will like this too and not get sick of his books so easily! I have quite a few Christmas, Easter, Halloween/Thanksgiving books...but it's a little harder to find Valentines and St. Patricks books!

Here are his two St. Pats books..the only two I could find! and some cute Easter books his Honey Gram brought him...his Mommy may also have him a few more that will go his Easter basket! Can't wait to show yall all his fun Easter stuff :)


Merritt's Baptism!

A couple of weeks ago our sweet baby boy was Baptized and of course we had a little party after the service! It was a little spur of the moment since my Sissy found out that Cade (my nephew) didn't have a baseball tournament during spring break, so they decided that would come visit for the week, we immediately set the date for when they were here! It was soo fun to decorate...I kept all of my wedding stuff, so I had a TON of green things to work with!! My Momma also found lots of cute blue/green things that she brought from Mississippi. I think it turned out soo cute :) We made pulled pork sandwiches and grape salad and The Farmer's Momma and the rest of his fam brought other kinds of salads! Everything was super yummy!!

I really wanted to to a candy buffet at my wedding but just never got it done, so I HAD to have one at this get together! It turned out soo adorable :)

I made this banner using my Cricut!

I had the cake made to match the plates it turned out SO cute!

Our little Fam :)

My Family!

The Farmer's Family!

this is the cute outfit I made him in case he needed a back up outfit!

And boy did he ever need a back up outfit after he pooped all the through the adorable outfit above :) My Momma hand washed it all up, then I did a quick photohsoot of him in it since I didn't get any good ones that day!




Loving His New Longhorn!!


Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

I decided to give my sweet little boy his St. Patricks Day happy a day early!! He loved it :)

All smiles!!!

Cute little board book!

Love these "Night Before" books! Found them on Amazon...there is an Easter, Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Years...etc! They all have the same story line as the Night Before Christmas but with the other holiday themes...soo cute!

He loved this the most!!! Cute little longhorn rattle!

And you know I just had to get him the St. Pats Little People train set!! http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=900002&e=storeproduct&pid=44381&section=tod_lp_holiday

I will wait until next year to open it up and play with it!

Hope you all have a Happy St. Pats!! :)


Purple Banner Designs!

Do you remember when I told yall about winning the gift certificate to Purple Banner Designs? (http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2011/11/lucky-streak.html) Well I forgot to show yall what all I got! The tractor onesie below is just one of the adorable items I scored! We also got two onesies with little show steers on them, along with matching burp cloths and a bib! Soo fun!

Check out http://purplebannerdesigns.blogspot.com/ and see all the adorable things Bethany whips up!! She can do just about anything in any colors you like! Also be on the look out for our little cutie, he is now a PBD kid!! :)