Sunday, August 5, 2012

This and that!

We have been traveling again! First to Omaha for The Farmers family vaycay, we stayed at a water park and went to the zoo! It was a very fun time! Merritt loved the zoo but he wasn't a fan of the water park. I wanted to make sure he saw the zebras so he could become familiar with at least one non farm animal! We got him a little stuffed zebra too, so maybe he will start to recognize it.. Hehe...If you must know, I hid the zebra in his toy box since it just doesn't "go" with the rest of his toys! Ha! Oh well, I tried!! The next stop was my company's yearly picnic in Indianola, Iowa. I finally got to show off my little man to all my co-workers! They loved him, of course! For the final leg of the trip, we met up with my fam, they came up for a quick visit before the summer ends! They brought Merritt a big farm to play in and tractor to play with! It used to be my nephew's and i know Merritt will love it as much as Cade did! Here are a couple pics of the trips and a some random ones I had on my phone! The babe turned 7 months last week, so stay tuned for a pic and stats when I find the time :) We also had our 3rd anniversary last week and the Farmer got me the camera Pandora charm!!! I LOVE it and him!! :) Oh and I think I forgot to tell y'all that he got me an embroidery machine for my birthday a couple weeks ago! It's the Brother PE-770 and it is AMAZING!! My momma and daddy got me over 100 different fabulous thread colors too, so I have been using every spare second trying to learn how to use it!! :)

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