Merritt 7 months!!

Yes! Seven months!! CRAYCRAY!!!

When he was born I loved him instantly and never thought I could love him more, but I seriously love this little boy more and more each day...especially when he sleeps for 12 hours at night..hehe!! Speaking of sleeping, his usual schedule goes as follows...8:45ish The Farmer gives him two tubs (I call them tubs!) of baby food..some sort of fruit mixed with cereal or oatmeal, then he has a 4 ounce bottle and I put him to bed! So by 9:30 he is usually in his crib sleeping away...he wakes up anywhere from 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning and he gets a 8 ounce bottle, he usually takes a morning nap but the time and length differ everyday. At noon he has two "tubs" of baby food, some sort of meat (turkey/chicken) and a fruit, then he usually takes another nap, again, time and length differ daily. When 5:00pm rolls around he has another 8 ounce bottle and will take another nap, then he is good to go until bedtime! Sometimes I give him cereal puffs and cheesy puffs while I'm cooking supper or if we are eating out, so he has something to do! He loves them, even if half of them end up on the floor! He is getting very good at using his thumb and index finger! He really doesn't have a favorite baby food...he loves it all except peas, but I haven't tried them in awhile! This week I am going to start giving him more "real" steamed veggies and mooshy fruit and see how that goes! He loves drinking out of a straw and prefers his sippy cup with a straw to the other ones that he has to tip up. And he now has 4?teeth! Two on bottom and two on the top!

He still weighs around 21 pounds and is wearing 6-12 month cloths in Gymboree and 12 months in Carters.
He is having much more fun with all his farm toys now and really loves his barn that lights up and makes noise. He still likes anything he can chew and put in his mouth. His favorite thing is trying to get the remote, our phones, or our touch pads, even though he has his own toy version of all three! I finally put his swing and bouncy seat away, but he still gets in his jumporoo sometimes, he really just prefers being on the floor and trying to crawl. Nope, he's not crawling yet but has literally been on the verge for a month!!! He is soo close and the past few days has been doing one or two "crawls" then just falls, but I think it is going to happen any day now! Last night he mastered getting into the sitting position from the crawling position and was pretty proud of himself when we cheered!! He still rolls and spins wherever he needs to go! He can stand beside something if you put him there, but not long enough for me to get a pic!!

He is still a super traveler and mainly sleeps or jabbers away while on the road!

He is also starting to make sounds!! He does his G's very well and you can sometimes catch a BooBoo. The only time he makes the an M sound is when he is mad! He still loves blowing raspberries and making a mess of his shirts!! He loves to smile and laugh and be tickled. Singing Little Bunny Foo Foo is still good for a guaranteed smile! He is really a happy, sweet baby and we are soo blessed to be his parents!! :)


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