It's Fall Yall!!!

At least at my house it is!! :)  I have all my indoor decor up and as soon as I see mums and pumpkins for sale, my outdoor decorations will be done too!!

With all the fun fall ideas on Pinterest these days, I decided to make a fall bucket list!! Of course, this is more for my benefit than Merritt's at this point...but I want to start traditions now!! :)

Doesn't it sound like we'll have a fun fall?!? Tack on my CRAZY fall photoshoot season, Harvest, a friends wedding and we are going to have a jam packed couple of months!! :)

I am most excited about Kindermusik!! We start September 10th and I just know the little man is going to love it!! :)  Stay tuned!!

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  1. I am so ready for Fall too I cut some of the Farmers cornstalks and I bought some bug fake sunflowers and made a fall arrangement to go by my door I want to decorate the whole house