Merritt's Baby Shower!!!

Last Saturday my fab besties threw me a baby shower!! It was SOO much fun...we decided to do a brunch affair since I am in LOVE with eggbakes, monkey breads, and muffins! The food was soo gooooood!! Wish I could have it every day!! First we ate, then everyone introduced themselves and gave me some baby advice, next we played a few games, and lastly I got open a ton of great gifts!!! I will try to share most of them with you on the blog at some point!! But for now, just check out the shower pics!!

Me at 33 weeks...I put this pic on facebook and everybody is commenting on how good/small I look...for the record I am a photographer and know my angles, in real life I actually look like a mix between a wildebeest and chance I am posting an unposed/candid pic of me ANYWHERE!!! haha! p.s. I HATE it when I ruin a good pic by doing the "stretch neck excited face," soo unflattering!

Me and the fabulous hostesses!! Love these gals :)

Cake table!

The food!!! MMMmmmmm! Missing from pic...the bacon wrapped sausages!!

Food again!

Close up of the beautiful flowers!

The cake!! It matched the invite!! Soo cute and sooo good!

cute napkins!

water bottles!

Isn't this a fabulous punch bowl?!? Love it!

Me with all my amazing gifts!! I would like to make note that I REALLY wanted to crop my gross thighs out of this pic, but just for yall I left it alone, so you could see all the loot...your welcome :)


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