Long time, no post! Sorry, but I have been busy and totally bored at the same time! At my last doctor visit, I was that's a scary word...hmmm instead lets just say my doctor "told me" that I had gestational hypertension (another scary word!), it's actually just high blood pressure, so it's not THAT scary, but I do have to be on bed rest (on my left side) from noon to 5:00pm every day. At 5, I am supposed to take a walk (at which point, I am dying to do after laying around for 5 hours!!) then it's back to resting after that. She told me I wasn't in any serious danger, but I needed to be diligent about my rest so little Peep stays in and cooks a bit longer! I will be 36 weeks this week, so I am getting VERY close!! Hopefully I wont go insane with all this "rest," who would have thought being ordered to do nothing would be annoying...hehe :)

I have some super cute Christmas decor pics to share as soon as feel like uploading and editing them! So stay tuned :)

Ohh on another note, at my shower, my friend Cora had on this AMAZING sparkle OPI red nail polish that just screamed Christmas/Holiday Season. I had been meaning to pick some up at the salon, but didn't have a chance before I got put on house arrest..I mean bed rest, ha! Anyway, the Farmer and his little sis JoElyn made a Wal-Mart run for me on Saturday, so I wouldn't have to get out. Thank goodness JoJo went along, she picked me up some rubbish celebrity magazines along with a couple of fun Christmas romance novels to try and ward off the boredom! They also, so sweetly, swung by the salon and picked up the FABULOUS nail polish I had been wanting!! It's called Gettin' Miss Piggy With It, from the Muppets OPI line!
It's sooo holiday, right?!?! No, those aren't my nails..although I have to say, thanks to pre-natal vitamins, my nails have never looked better!! She also picked me up some plain OPI Red nail polish to put on as a base coat. I think this makes the sparkle more intense! I did my nails last night and they look sooo cute!! I hope my doctor likes them, since that's the only person I'll be seeing anytime soon..hahaha!

I'll keep yall posted on the baby cooking and try to post those decor pics soon!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...December, here we come!!!



  1. Sounds to me like Peep is more likely to be a Christmas baby than a new years baby. We are very excited !!!

  2. Oh girl, I will pray for you and the little peep to keep cooking!

  3. Blog hopped here from Anna's! I had gestational hypertension with my first baby, and was induced at 38.5 weeks for developing pre-eclampsia. I so remember the orders to rest, and all the non-stress tests and bloodwork involved. Good news is that my induction went wonderful, and I didn't have a bit of hypertension with my 2nd baby. Seems like the first ones like to break ya in!

    Love that nail polish!