Soo excited!!

The Farmer's parents got us an early baby gift! Our carseat and stroller combo for Peep! And can I just say, it is the cutest thing EVER!!!! I have been wanting this Brittax Chaperone Travel system (in Cowmooflage!!) since I saw it on Bethenny Ever After (Real Housewives show on Bravo!!) anyway, then my friends Britt and Cora got the bigger "big-girl car seat" for their girls and I was totally hooked!! The cow print is just too much to pass up!!! I have been stalking it online and the other day I noticed that the cowmooflage print was being discontinued {gasp!}...I panicked, then called the Farmer to calm me down (hehe) He told me his parents were planning to buy this for us anyway, so they went ahead and got it early! Crisis averted!! WHEW!! Anyway it came in the other day but we still haven't put the stroller together, so I'm gonna be lazy and just use pics off the Internet!!

These pics show how the carseat fits on the stroller! Soo fun :) I found more pics on this site...

Can't wait to put Peep in it!! :) Thanks soo much!!!

Stay tuned for Colter's pics and two photo shoots I am trying to get done editing!! The Farmer's B-day was Tuesday...I didn't do much, but we are having a party for him tomorrow!! We got a fancy new grill in honor of both of our birthdays, so we are gonna try it out! Ohh I almost forgot our County Fair was this week too! I didn't get many pics..sorry :(

Post more later!! :)


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