I forgot to show a pic from The Farmer's birthday cake!!

Wasn't it cute?!?!? He always had a tractor cake on his birthday growing up, so I thought it was perfect!! :)

Now, my birthday is today....I'm not real excited about's not a number I have been looking forward to, so to keep my sanity from now on I am 25...forever!! :)

On Sunday the Farmer's family had a party for us, and I got Marigold Fiesta!! 2 place settings!! The color is amazing!! It reminds me of fall, which we all know I adore!!
My Momma and Daddy got me the swing for Peep!! Isn't it adorable!! It's called How Know Brown Cow and you can get it at Target! I also got the matching bouncy seat!! LOVE!

I am headed to New Orleans on Sunday for a work trip, and on the free night my fam is going to come down (my brother already lives there) and have dinner with me! YEA!!

I have to fly out of Omaha, which is around 2 hours from here, so the Farmer and I are going to go tomorrow and spend the day shopping and eating for my birthday!! FUN!!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday and got to see Peep again! She forgot to print out pics, so I don't have any to share, but "he" is getting so big!! We will be able to find out the gender sometime the week of August 16th!! I literally can not wait!!!

Well that's all for now! Hopefully will have a photoshoot to share later today :)



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to see your cake!

  2. Yay, so cute and Happy birthday again!! We get to find out what we're having a couple weeks after you!!