Stitch Fix!

I have wanted to try this forever and they finally had a promo that waived the $20 styling fee, so I went for it!!! YALL!! I wanted to keep every piece!! I was SOO impressed!!
If you want to try it too (with no styling fee), just click my friend link below and sign up!
It is so fun!!

Ok here's the "fix"
I did not care for this vest when I took it our of the box, but once I tried it on, I fell in love! Soo cute!!
I did end up sending it back though because I was scared the material would snag and I have a black vest already.

This was SO cute too!! The polka dots were embroidered on! 
But it was a little clingy and I really wanted something with more color, so I sent this back too.

This one was a struggle!! That embroidery was to die for!! Absolutely gorgeous! 
But the shape was so boxy/short it just didn't look that great on me so I sadly sent it back. 

Keeper!! This one was soo cute and colorful!! Loved the semi-off-the-shoulder-look and the sleeve detail was so pretty!!! Can't wait to wear it!

I have been really wanting to try a colored jean (I know! I am soo behind!) 
and these were such a fun color!! I just couldn't resist, so I kept them too!! 

I can't wait to get my next "fix!!" I will probably do it every other month. It's just such a fun treat!! 


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