Merritt and Life These Days!

Oh Merritt! Where do I begin!?! He is quite the little boy! Lately he is obsessed with ropes! Anything that looks remotely like a rope he grabs and swings it around and says "ye-haw cowboys!" Usually he uses my Emi Jay hair ties (when I need one to pull my hair back, I tell him to get me a rope and he finds one!), my elastic headbands, or any sort of string! This morning we got down his kids rope that my Daddy got him and he was in LOVE!! Watch out world!!

He is rarely awake without his hat on, we have several, just in case :) He still loves to watch Toy Story, but recently he has become captivated by The Polar Express and calls it Tenta (Santa), he talks about Santa alot and says HoHoHo when you ask him what Santa says, but I don't think he gets the whole concept. Can't wait to put our tree up! 

He still adores playing with his tractors and combine and we have a few of our Christmas Little People out that he really likes too! 

When he falls or jumps off one of his riding toys he says "Whoa Buddy!!" and if his hat doesn't fall off, he knocks it off! It's super cute! He also likes to ask you "What Doin?" and when he wants to get up in the morning he yells, "Mommy!! Stuck!!"  ...your not stuck buddy, your just in your bed!! :) he is just growing up so fast I wish it would slow down a little bit! He knows where the baby is and if you ask him he says "Mommy's Tummy" then kisses my sweet! Hope he likes it as much when it comes out! :) 

On another note, at our MOPS meetings they always ask if any body has a baby on the way to announce, so this past week I got up and got to pick a pair of socks out of a bag to see what the gender would be...I got pink socks!! I'm sure the little boy I know I'm having will love wearing them...hehehe!! :)

He also really overuses the word hurt, something is always hurt and the only thing that will cure it is a kiss from Mommy! It pretty much makes my life!! :)  He loves to play the wake up/night night game too (check out my youtube videos for the cuteness!)

Harvest is winding down and we are VERY thankful to have The Farmer around a little more! Being in your first trimester of pregnancy, having an almost two year old, and what felt like a million photo shoots during harvest is something I would NOT recommend!! We did alot of napping, alot of wrecking the house, alot of drinking Ginger ale, and alot of picnics in the living room but we made it through and now Mommy is feeling alot better! 

We are getting very excited for Christmas around here, I have most of my shopping done, but am planning to go Black Friday shopping with my friend Tracey, so hopefully that will finish it all up! I haven't been Black Friday shopping in ages and I am both scared and excited! Stay Tuned! :)


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