Busy Saturday!!

I just made these funfetti cake batter buddies for our annual Daddy/Daughter vaycay next week!! They are soo yummy and super easy!! Sorry for the not so amazing pic! I got an iPhone for Mothers Day and am obsessed with taking pics and blogging from it :)
You just have to try them!! I made the Farmer his very own batch too:)

I am also making these little bites http://gimmesomeoven.com/no-bake-energy-bites/ for a "not-so-sweet" option!! I haven't rolled them into balls yet. but so for they are fab!

Now, I have to tell you that this isn't our usual Daddy/Daughter Vaycay...this year we decided to let my Sis, my niece, my nephew, and Merritt go too!! My Momma will be in New Orleans watching my newest nephew, Rex (my brother and sis-in-law's little boy)! Have I even told yall about him?!?! He was born exactly 8 weeks after Merritt!! I haven't met him yet, but Merritt and I are going to Mississippi in June and can't wait to see him! Now, back to this trip...we are going back to Yellowstone/Tetons (we went this same time last year but avalanches and my morning sickness kinda messed up alot of our plans!) We will leave on Wednesday morning and head West to Deadwood, SD, then on Thursday make lots of fun stops and end up in Cody, WY. Friday we will head into Yellowstone, then head down to the Tetons and Jackson Hole making it back home Monday night! I have been packing for WEEKS!!! Babies are so high maintenance when it comes to traveling! And speaking of high maintenance, I have quite the clingy baby on my hands today...poor little babe is sick with his first cold and is just so pitiful, I'm hoping he will be on the mend before Wednesday!! :)

Well I am off to edit one last photoshoot, and hopefully get my house clean!! Be looking for fun pics from our adventure!!!

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  1. Can hardly wait for a moose picture!!