4 months old!!

My sweet little baby is 4 months old! I can't even believe it! He weighs 17 pounds 4 ounces (90% percentile) and is 25.75 inches long (70% percentile)! Big boy!! He can roll over both ways and loves being on a blanket on the floor. He is really "talking" and laughing alot now too! He doesn't have a favorite toy at the moment, just anything he can put in his mouth since he now has a tooth and more on the way! Crazy! He needs to quit growing so fast! He really likes his Bumbo seat now too! We just switched him to a convertible "big boy" car seat, since I could no longer carry him in his infant seat! It works well until I have to go to somewhere that you need to push a buggy (aka Walmart, Target, Sams) or a restaurant! I have come up with a few ways to get around this obstacle...

I stuff him in between my purse and the diaper bag in the buggy...haha! It works and he loved being able to look around and laugh at people when they tell him how cute he is!! :)

Now as for restaurants, we tried this....
Super cute farm high chair cover, but he just isn't quite big enough yet, so I got one of these...

It's a "My Little Seat" and he loves it!! We ate out last night in Sioux Falls and he just sat there and looked around, happy as could be! So glad I found this and don't have to "try" and carry him around in his in infant seat anymore...woohoo!! :)  And, bonus, it folds up the size of a diaper, so it can just stay in his bag at all times!

Now the reason we went to Sioux Falls is way too exciting not to share! Gymboree is coming out with another tractor line at the end of the month!
I am obsessed with Gymboree, so this is beyond exciting! They have had tractor and cowboy lines in the past but not since I have had a babe! Well, I had already bought him a ton of their Spring Plaid line (pastel green and blue plaids with turtles) which I did really like, but nowhere near as much as I love the tractors! So, since I never took the tags off any of it, I returned it all! Now I am just patiently (yeah right!) waiting until the end of May!! Woohoo!! :) And what's even more exciting is that the Farmer's sister was at a Gymboree outlet yesterday in Chicago and found some cowboy stuff! She called and asked if I wanted it, I'm sure you can guess what my answer was..DUH!!! hehe! I'm soo excited to see it!! Ok, maybe I am more than obsessed!

Well that's about all that's going on with us! He did start cereal on Friday night, so I will post a video and pictures of that next! :)


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